Declaration of a change in my personal or professional situation

As a person receiving social security benefits, do you wish to make a change in your personal or professional situation? If so, how should you declare it? Please find the answers to your questions on this page.

In most cases, you don’t have to do anything in the event of a change that affects the eligibility for benefits mentioned in article 76, § 4 of Regulation (EC) N° 883/2004 (sickness benefits, maternity and equivalent paternity benefits, invalidity benefits, old-age benefits, survivors' benefits, benefits in case of accidents at work and occupational diseases, death grants, unemployment benefits, early retirement benefits and family allowances). In Belgium, social security is organised in such a way that you don’t have to notify most changes affecting social security benefits. 

A move in or out of employment, for example, is declared by the employer or its authorised service supplier. In case of unemployment, illness, an accident at work, etc., the 'Social Risk Declaration' system collects the data from the employer and/or the responsible social security institution. Through the Crossroads Bank for Social Security, the data are then sent to those who need them to carry out their legal duties.

This is not only the case for citizens with the Belgian nationality. For EU citizens who come into contact with the Belgian social security, declarations are also provided to notify a change in their personal or professional situation without the citizen having to intervene. In this case, the ‘only once’ principle of data collection is applied.

When data must be transferred to another member state, a secure system of electronic data communication (EESSI - Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information) is used. This system connects about 10.000 social security institutions in Europe and allows the exchange of data regarding the various social security domains, such as illness, accidents at work, occupational diseases, unemployment benefits, pensions, family allowances, etc.

In exceptional cases, the change is not included in the electronic declaration system. In this case, you can use the form below to inform the responsible social security institution about the change. You have to provide a limited number of identification details, your status (employee, self-employed, civil servant, pensioner) and the social security domain. After submission, you will receive an e-mail notification with a ticket number.

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